Shadows Remain is a 5 piece alternative metal/hard rock band based in Northeastern Oklahoma. The band formed in the fall of 2017. Shadows Remain's sound infuses a collaboration of energy that can channel the listeners' emotions and thus speak in a language that only the human spirit can understand. Their music has the ability to play as the remedy to the will of whatever the muse desires from it. The antidote for such lays within the powerful vocals and lyrics that command your attention yet simultaneously welcome you in with open arms. Combining that with guitars that transfer from a melodic state of hypnosis to frantically hard driven riffs at the precise moment needed in each song. All that backed up with percussions that tie it all in together to serve a medication whose description is unfathomable. In 2018 they released their first single entitled "Lies." Their five song EP is set to release Friday, December 13th. 

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EP Release: FRIDAY THE 13th DECEMBER 2019